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Ahab and Elijah

Ahab was like Adam; he threw the kingdom of Israel into death when he went after Jezebel.

When Adam went after Eve she was a whore already; she had already co-habited with the Serpent. It was she who brought her doctrine and her Jezebel religion to him, and he submitted to her teaching and threw the whole kingdom into death.

When Ahab sinned, the whole kingdom sinned, because Ahab was the head of the kingdom.

Elijah was like Christ. He came and offered sacrifices to remove the curse. When he removed the curse, he brought back the rain; he brought back life; he brought back restoration to the favor of God. Elijah crossed Jordan (the crucifixion), ascended on high (to Heaven), and sent back the mantle (a type of the Holy Spirit).

Elijah was a type of Christ; Elisha was a type of the Church that has received the mantle (the Holy Spirit).


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