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The seven vials preached supernaturally

Recognizing your day and its message; Jeffersonville, Indiana; July 26, 1964

And when I went in to pray. I told the wife, “I’m going in”. And sincerely I knelt down before God, to pray. And He revealed to me that them seven trumpets sounded under the sixth seal, and I’ve done preached it, supernaturally. See, it’s the hand of God, the whole thing. It pertains to Israel, and we picked it up under the sixth seal; you all who have that, how the persecution of the Jews.

Brother Branham preached the seven trumpets supernaturally when he ministered the “Sixth seal” on March 23, 1963; it is in that message that we hear of how the white man killed the American buffalo and how he is polluting and destroying the American environment with his civilization.

Ashamed; Jeffersonville, Indiana; July 11, 1965

So, sitting in there talking with Brother Neville and Brother Woods, and them, we have decided to do this. If we can’t, instead, that would make us have five services; that would be twenty-eighth, twenty-ninth, thirtieth, thirty-first, and first. Well, I feel if we have, beginning next Sunday, we can have two services, Sunday morning and Sunday night, that’s the eighteenth. And then on the-on the twenty-fifth, have Sunday morning and Sunday night. That’s four services. Then on August the first, have a Sunday morning and Sunday night. That would give us six services, and then it won’t make such a jam to get the people in. And I think that.

In the message “Ashamed”, Brother Branham expressed his desire to minister on the subject of the seven vials in the Book of Revelation; he then mentioned three dates and six services during which he would preach upon such things.

Brother Branham preached the seven vials supernaturally in six services:

Sunday, July 18

Trying to do God a service without it being His will
Spiritual food in due season

Sunday, July 25

Anointed ones at the end time
What is the attraction on the mountain?

Sunday, August 1

God of this evil age
Modern events made clear by prophecy


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