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A young Gentile boy praying on the Temple Mount

young gentile boy praying on the temple mount1 Kings 8: 41 - 43: Moreover concerning a stranger, that is not of thy people Israel, but cometh out of a far country for thy name's sake; (For they shall hear of thy great name, and of thy strong hand, and of thy stretched out arm;) when he shall come and pray toward this house; Hear thou in heaven thy dwelling place, and do according to all that the stranger calleth to thee for: that all people of the earth may know thy name, to fear thee, as do thy people Israel; and that they may know that this house, which I have builded, is called by thy name.

The photograph is a video screenshot of a young Christian boy with total devotion, his hand covering his eyes precisely as Jewish law requires, saying the Jewish “Shema” prayer on the Temple Mount. The young boy is a Gentile (a stranger), which has begun the fulfilment of Solomon’s prayer for the 21st century.

Such a fulfilment is due to the efforts of Rabbi Yehudah Glick (a world-renowned Temple Mount advocate and founder of the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation) who achieved access to the Temple Mount for Jews and Christians without them being harassed.

The young Gentile boy praying at the Temple Mount is the beginning of many more Gentiles (strangers) who will go up to the Temple Mount and bring their prayers before God.


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