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Israel's seven great judges

There are seven major judges in the Book of Judges: (1) Othniel; (2) Ehud; (3) Deborah; (4) Gideon; (5) Abimelech; (6) Jephthah; (7) Samson. These seven major judges type the seven church age messengers. Othniel (the first judge) was of the tribe of Judah which bore the emblem of the Lion, just as the Lion anointing was upon the apostle Paul of the first church age. Samson (the seventh judge) was of the tribe of Dan which bore the emblem of the Eagle, just as the Eagle anointing was upon Brother Branham in the seventh church age. The minor judges (Shamgar, Tola, Jair, Ibzan, Elon and Abdon) of the Book of Judges represent the great men of the seven church ages who helped spread the Gospel, but whose work did not have the same prominence or prophetic significance as did the work of the seven church age messengers.


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