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Moses' tabernacle and the USA map

tabernacle and usa map

The following will be seen when a plan of the Old Testament tabernacle is laid upon a map of the United States of America.

The Brazen Altar sits upon Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina, all of which had great revivals leading people to Christ.

The Laver sits upon the Mississippi River.

The Menorah sits upon Texas and Oklahoma, both of which contain great oil wells (oil was the fuel for the Menorah).

The Table of Shewbread sits upon Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota, all of which are the breadbasket of the United States of America.

The Golden Altar sits upon Colorado, which means “Red”; the incense upon the Golden Altar was reddish in colour.

The Veil sits upon the Continental Divide.

The Ark of the Covenant sits upon California, Nevada and Arizona, where the gold rush happened (the Ark of the Covenant was overlaid with gold).

Brother Branham went west (to Arizona; the Holy of Holies) to receive the commission to preach the seven seals. He then travelled back east (to Indiana; the Outer Court) to tell the people of the revelation that God had given.


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